Bukit Timah

Singapore is the cleanest country I've ever visited. The English name of Singapore is derived from its Malay name, Singapura (The Lion City). Singapore is a popular travel destination, contributing to the importance of its tourism industry.

My first country high point is Bukit Timah, Singapore. From the hotel near the little India, we rode a taxi to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (163.63m) that is about 12 km from the Downtown Core, Singapore's central business district.

Honestly, it was oh so tiring walking into a steep paved road. I even wanted to turn around and quit from walking. But then, my beloved partner encouraged me to keep on walking for in time we will be able to be on the summit. Yes, I did it. We did it! I was sweating like hell and I was dead tired.

Lyngve and I decided to go down after 5 minutes of taking photos in the summit and that we chose to walk and follow a different trail. The other trail looks like a jungle in Amazona.

Walking along the trail, I saw a snake. Oh yeah, a real scary snake. I am afraid of snakes. It's freaking me out. I was kind of wondering what if I stepped into it? Will I die if the snake had bitten me? OMG! I stopped for a moment but Lyngve told me to continue on walking. But I insisted to be at still until the snake could crawl away from me.

It was a great experience for me walking into a super steep paved road and stairs. It was also a good exercise for us. Yeah, I lose some of my unwanted fats, he-he-he.

When we were able to reach the bottom part of the mountain, we saw a group of monkeys. It looks cute for me. Suddenly, the monkeys attacked Lyngve. Wanna know why? It's because Lyngve was carrying a piece of banana. What else can we do? So, Lyngve threw his banana to the monkeys.

Next time, don't you dare bring any food for monkeys will definitely attack you. Giving food to the monkeys will change their behavior, thus, they can be very dangerous.

see photos here:

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Is a single tear enough to tell the one you love that you feel the pain inside? Is being pretentious that everything is fine can make you be called a Great Pretender? Does she have to wait for the answers? Until when?

She loves him because of the millions reasons. She wants to hold on because of this thing called LOVE. But deep inside her, she's torn into pieces. Few questions were found when she looked at herself to the mirror. Why did you lied? Why did you hurt me? Can't you see I'm bleeding? She saw her face with a lot of tears. Her tears falling down... Begging for something... "Please, don't break my heart, I might die..." She doesn't deserve this. She was a beautiful rose. Bloomed so wonderful but was being picked up and tormented. She's thirsty. Thirsty for the one she loves. That day was the most stomach-churning, head-racking and heart-breaking she ever felt. When she looked down, she saw herself bleeding. Her heart was bleeding. A new wound was found into her heart. It is so painful that she can't hardly breathe. She needs a medicine. Not a betadine, agua oxinada or anesthesia. Time will heal the wound into her heart. She wished to become a kid again. Because skinned knees are easier to heal than broken hearts.

She just kept the feelings inside her. Coz she doesn't want to have an arguement. She's not selfish but she just wanted to feel the pain alone. She opened the door and walked alone with an empty mind. When she reacehd out the shore, she shouted all the pain she felt. All she could hear was the sound of the waves. She cried and cried, down unto her knees, asking why...

Love is not about being just happy always. We also have this so-called sacrifices, sadness and pain. You will never know you are in love til you felt the pain---the pain inside your heart. No one can dictate you except your mind and heart. You can't help but cry. People might laugh at you, pointing their fingers to you. You shouldn't mind them. Coz they don't know what and how you feel. Bear this in mind: It is only you who could solve this problem. It is only you who will make a decision. It is only you that will make everything be back to normal because it is only you then that will do the moves/actions that will make you happy. You have two choices: It is either you hide all your feelings to the world or....just be yourself. Though you might feel you wanna change everything. But why would you do that? Yes, there's nothing permanent in this world. People change. But maybe, just maybe, you can stay the same and you'll be the first person in the world to be characterized as CONSTANT. You have your own, uniqueness, weakness, strength, talents/skills, beauty, etc...never ever settle for less. You deserve to be happy. Yous shoudn't count the things you have done. At least in the end, you'll say this to yourself--- "I have loved more and I guess it is enough for me to realize that I deserve a person who would love me the way I did."

"I was the one who loved most, but between us, you lost more. For someday I can love someone the way I loved you, but you will never be loved again the way that I did."

I wrote this for Starfish...you'll be ok girl!!!

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Love wisely

"Never ever take anybody for granted... coz you never know you might loose them, and you may never be able to tell them how you really feel." 
---> ohh?? I heard this line in Mariah Carey's concert before she sung the song NEVER TOO FAR. I was really touched. I agree to her! You shouldn't take anybody for granted. Or else, you might loose them. So, to those people I love and value, please, never ever take me for granted, coz you never know you might loose me. I have the heart to feel the hurt. You know... I am a little bit sensitive when it comes to words (hurtful words) e.g. Goodbye, etc.
I will go when you will say that you don't need me anymore. I will not hold on to the person who doesn't hold tight in me. But I tell you, you will never find another Emily in this world. Don't hurt me, coz it kills me.
To all the people I love:
Love wisely, I don't wanna see you cry...

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College Student

Being a college student is tough! Though people say that college is easier than high school. For me, being a college student is the hardest level I have encountered (i mean, in level of education). Why? Coz I am an irregular student; with different classmates, I have a back subject in 1st year level and an advance subjects in 3rd year level.

To make it clear, I only have few friends in school. I don't talk much, a little bit shy and strange, strict and I observe a lot! But when The examination comes, a lot of students became my friends. Wanna know why? Coz they are asking for answers!hahaha! Especially in math 4, my classmates asked me about the formulas, how did I get it, what is time, number of periods, how to use the calculator, etc! Dang! They are not listening to the instructor! But what can I do? That's how they are...

When our instructor distributes the test papers, almost all of my classmates get disappointed after receiving it! Tore it apart and kept silent! It means, they failed the exam.

A little advice:

Love your subjects! It is the only way you could pass. If not, then you will fail. If you will fail, you will again enroll to that subject. The same topic. That's a waste of time and money!

If you will say "I love math 4 but math 4 doesn't love me" ----- Don't worry, math 4 will surely learn to love you...little by little...

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Angels brought me here

Another story (way back to high school)

I should say that Love is always in the air. Isn’t it? When I was in high school, I had a lot of crushes! I mean it! Guys with brains, of course! But when my crushes were trying to date with me, I always say NO! A huge no in my mouth! I don’t know why I am not attracted to my crushes when it comes to relationship. I just want to admire them. That’s all. No more, no less!

My classmates describe me as a matchmaker. Why? Every time I felt that my classmate likes my other classmate, I always start to tease them and eventually, they started to like each other (develop). There was a time when one of my classmates asked me why I don’t have a boyfriend? Well, I just simply said, it’s not the right time. Some people said that I play hearts. They are wrong! I never played hearts!

I can say that 1/8 of my guy classmates liked me and courted me! I am not kidding. I hurt them all, yes. Because of the word NO! I treat them as my best friends. And I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt them. Why me? There are billions of girls in the world but why did they chose me?

It came to the point that an emo type of guy liked me. I was in Cebu that time (studying). I liked the way he was. Sweet, caring but envious. We had a misunderstanding that leads to breakup. I never cheated him. He was just being envious that he thought I am doing something bad. But never did I!

After a long and winding journey… Here I am. In love with a foreign guy!

“It’s been a long and winding journey, but I’m finally here tonight. Picking up the pieces, and walking back into the light. Into the sunset and the glory, where my heart and future lies… there’s nothing like that feeling, when you look into my eyes. My dreams came true, when I found you; I found you, my miracle! If you could see, what I see, that you’re the answer to my prayers”

Angels brought me here!

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Who should be blamed?

Who should be blamed when a leaf fell from a tree?

is it the wind that blew it away?

or the tree that let it go?

or is it the leaf who grew tired of holding on?

hmmm… try to reflect from this message! How about in love? It’s quite sad to know about this. Holding on to someone is not as easy as you think. Holding on means you are trying to tell yourself that everything will be ok. Though people may say that you are blind. It is not that you are blind. You are in love in a way that you can’t dare to let go of someone. Love is not blind, It sees but doesn’t mind.

When you are in love, for sure there are lots of challenges or trials that both of you must fight for it! Never ever try to quit! You’ll regret if you do. Try to recall all of the memories you both had for each other… isn’t it nice to reminisce? I tell you, if you love him/her. Tell him/her that you do! You know what, it is sweet and nice to hear or read messages like “i love you” and “i miss you”, isn’t it? Your heart beats so fast and you’ll just imagine how lucky you are of having him/her. Wow! i’m in love!

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