Is a single tear enough to tell the one you love that you feel the pain inside? Is being pretentious that everything is fine can make you be called a Great Pretender? Does she have to wait for the answers? Until when?

She loves him because of the millions reasons. She wants to hold on because of this thing called LOVE. But deep inside her, she's torn into pieces. Few questions were found when she looked at herself to the mirror. Why did you lied? Why did you hurt me? Can't you see I'm bleeding? She saw her face with a lot of tears. Her tears falling down... Begging for something... "Please, don't break my heart, I might die..." She doesn't deserve this. She was a beautiful rose. Bloomed so wonderful but was being picked up and tormented. She's thirsty. Thirsty for the one she loves. That day was the most stomach-churning, head-racking and heart-breaking she ever felt. When she looked down, she saw herself bleeding. Her heart was bleeding. A new wound was found into her heart. It is so painful that she can't hardly breathe. She needs a medicine. Not a betadine, agua oxinada or anesthesia. Time will heal the wound into her heart. She wished to become a kid again. Because skinned knees are easier to heal than broken hearts.

She just kept the feelings inside her. Coz she doesn't want to have an arguement. She's not selfish but she just wanted to feel the pain alone. She opened the door and walked alone with an empty mind. When she reacehd out the shore, she shouted all the pain she felt. All she could hear was the sound of the waves. She cried and cried, down unto her knees, asking why...

Love is not about being just happy always. We also have this so-called sacrifices, sadness and pain. You will never know you are in love til you felt the pain---the pain inside your heart. No one can dictate you except your mind and heart. You can't help but cry. People might laugh at you, pointing their fingers to you. You shouldn't mind them. Coz they don't know what and how you feel. Bear this in mind: It is only you who could solve this problem. It is only you who will make a decision. It is only you that will make everything be back to normal because it is only you then that will do the moves/actions that will make you happy. You have two choices: It is either you hide all your feelings to the world or....just be yourself. Though you might feel you wanna change everything. But why would you do that? Yes, there's nothing permanent in this world. People change. But maybe, just maybe, you can stay the same and you'll be the first person in the world to be characterized as CONSTANT. You have your own, uniqueness, weakness, strength, talents/skills, beauty, etc...never ever settle for less. You deserve to be happy. Yous shoudn't count the things you have done. At least in the end, you'll say this to yourself--- "I have loved more and I guess it is enough for me to realize that I deserve a person who would love me the way I did."

"I was the one who loved most, but between us, you lost more. For someday I can love someone the way I loved you, but you will never be loved again the way that I did."

I wrote this for Starfish...you'll be ok girl!!!

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