Bukit Timah

Singapore is the cleanest country I've ever visited. The English name of Singapore is derived from its Malay name, Singapura (The Lion City). Singapore is a popular travel destination, contributing to the importance of its tourism industry.

My first country high point is Bukit Timah, Singapore. From the hotel near the little India, we rode a taxi to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (163.63m) that is about 12 km from the Downtown Core, Singapore's central business district.

Honestly, it was oh so tiring walking into a steep paved road. I even wanted to turn around and quit from walking. But then, my beloved partner encouraged me to keep on walking for in time we will be able to be on the summit. Yes, I did it. We did it! I was sweating like hell and I was dead tired.

Lyngve and I decided to go down after 5 minutes of taking photos in the summit and that we chose to walk and follow a different trail. The other trail looks like a jungle in Amazona.

Walking along the trail, I saw a snake. Oh yeah, a real scary snake. I am afraid of snakes. It's freaking me out. I was kind of wondering what if I stepped into it? Will I die if the snake had bitten me? OMG! I stopped for a moment but Lyngve told me to continue on walking. But I insisted to be at still until the snake could crawl away from me.

It was a great experience for me walking into a super steep paved road and stairs. It was also a good exercise for us. Yeah, I lose some of my unwanted fats, he-he-he.

When we were able to reach the bottom part of the mountain, we saw a group of monkeys. It looks cute for me. Suddenly, the monkeys attacked Lyngve. Wanna know why? It's because Lyngve was carrying a piece of banana. What else can we do? So, Lyngve threw his banana to the monkeys.

Next time, don't you dare bring any food for monkeys will definitely attack you. Giving food to the monkeys will change their behavior, thus, they can be very dangerous.

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