Mt. Pulag

Mount Pulag is the third highest mountain in the Philippines (2922m) and Luzon’s highest peak. The landscapes of Pulag and the Cordilleras are truly amazing, but the hike to this mountain is way too overcrowded....

We signed on a guided trip to Mount Pulag with Trailadventours, because that was actually much cheaper than trying to do it by ourselves. Cheaper mainly because of the shared transportation to the trailhead and also the share of guide. Having a permit and a local guide on this mountain is mandatory anyway. We were on a guided trip, but we brought and carried all the food and equipment (such as our tent) by ourselves.

It was a big surprise to find out that more than 57 hikers (3 westerns and the rest Filipinos) had signed up for this trip, most of them aiming for the Ambangeg-trail. We joined at the Victory Liner bus station in Pasay (Manila) in the evening Dec 27. From there we took the 6-hours night bus to Baguio City, where we arrived before sunrise. In Baguio the three chartered jeepneys waited for us, so the second leg of the journey along the scenic Halsema Highway could start almost immediately. We had breakfast halfway along this beautiful winding road in the middle of the Cordilleras, and we also had a sightseeing stop at the great Ambuklao Dam. Unfortunately one of our jeepneys had a breakdown in the steep uphills, but we were able to continue after a quick repair.

We arrived the National Park Office in Ambangeg at 9 am, where we had a mandatory orientation about the park and the strict rules of behavior. The permits had been arranged in advance by the tour organizer, so right after the orientation we continued on the terrible road to the Ranger Station (1 hour). The elevation here, according to my iPhone, was 2350m.

We started to walk 12:30 pm, initially on a road, then on a well trodden trail which continued into the mossy rain forest. We arrived Camp 2 already at 2:05 pm, thus we spent much less time on the trail than the estimated 3 hours. We actually walked to the extended camp less than 5 minutes away, since the original camp would be too small for a group size like ours. The elevation of Camp 2, according to my iPhone, was 2750m.

We had a gorgeous afternoon in Camp 2 as the clouds started to disappear. More beautiful scenery would be really hard to find, anywhere on this planet. The night got cold and several Filipinos complained they were not able to sleep. After a quick breakfast we started to walk 4:00 am. It was pitch dark, and the trail was muddy and slippery. We reached the summit already 5:05 am, way too early for the sunrise. Unfortunately the low clouds started to build up quickly, and it delayed the sunrise. We waited almost 2 hours, before the rays of sun finally hit our cold limbs and faces. The view from Mt Pulag was indeed spectacular.

After the sunrise, we descended to Camp 2. It started to rain during the descent, and we arrived to our wet tents. We ate more food and packed our stuff, before we returned to the Ranger Station. Surprisingly a congressman visited Ambangeg this day, so it was a big celebration in the village. We were invited to indulge in all the food we could eat, and later the dance performance....

Author: Lyngve Skrede

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Mt. Kanlaon

Kanlaon (2435m) is the highest active volcano in the Philippines, and since we were not far away, we decided to go for it. Better than a beach holiday for sure, especially at xmas time when all the beaches are overcrowded....

First we visited the DENR office in Bacolod and got a permit after 1-2 hours (the rules say you should apply 3 months in advance though). The permit fee is 300 pesos per person. The DENR office also arranges local guides. This is mandatory to get a permit, and the guide fee is 500 pesos per day.

Next morning we took a local bus from Bacolod to La Carlota (30 pesos), then a local jeepney from La Carlota to Guintubdan (30 pesos). Here we met the guide and shortly after we started on the 5-6 hours hike from 900 meters elevation to saddle camp at 2300 meter. It was hot and humid in the rain forest, and partly very steep as well.

We stayed a rather cold night in our beach-tent at the saddle camp and at sunrise next morning we ascended the last 30 minutes to the summit. I was very disappointed when I saw a higher point on the other side of the crater. But traversing along the rim to the true summit is not doable according to our guide, because of the extremely loose and dangerous rim. If I had been alone I would have given it a try, but with the guide watching us carefully, it was out of the question....

After I got down again I searched for the false-summit issue on the internet. It is not mentioned anywhere, and no one seems to care, not even the biggest mountaineering website in Philippines ( has mentioned this. So everybody claims the summit, when reaching only the false summit. I have so far seen no photos from the true summit on internet. I estimate the true summit is 30-50 meters higher than the false summit.

Anyway it was an interesting hike with awesome views. At the start of the hike, we met some few people descending, but after that we were completely alone on this volcano.

Author: Lyngve Skrede

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I. Introduction
A. Title of the Movie: Salt

Director: Philip Noyce
Principal Actors: Chiwetel Ejiofor, August Diehl, Live Schrieber, Daniel Olbrychski, Daniel Pearce
Principal Actress: Angelina Jolie

B. Overall impression of the movie:

I like the movie. I can relate to it because I am an avid fan of Angelina Jolie and I also like mystery and suspense movie. SALT is a fairly smart thriller that, ironically, might work better the less you think about it.
I was still trying to get the story straight after the credits rolled because parts of it still made only garbled sense.
But it moves so quickly, you may be lucky enough not to notice the rough patches as they whirl past. Two thumbs-up for all the casts!

II. Summary

Evelyn Salt is a CIA agent and highly respected by all, including her boss, Ted Winter. Out of the blue, a Russian spy walks into their offices and offers a vital piece of information: the President of Russia will be assassinated during his forthcoming visit to New York City to attend the funeral of the recently deceased U.S. Vice President. The name of the assassin: Evelyn Salt. Concerned about the safety of her husband, who she cannot contact, she goes on the run. Winter refuses to accept that she is a mole or a double agent but her actions begin to raise doubts. Just who is Evelyn Salt and what is she planning?

As a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt swore an oath to duty, honor and country. Her loyalty will be tested when a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. Salt goes on the run, using all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture. Salt's efforts to prove her innocence only serve to cast doubt on her motives, as the hunt to uncover the truth behind her identity continues and the question remains: "Who is Salt?"

III. Moral of the Movie

With a beautiful female lead, I was afraid that the filmmakers would sexually objectify the character of Evelyn Salt; refreshingly, they did not. There are no sex scenes. Jolie is briefly shown in her bra and panties, while being tortured by the North Koreans. In one scene, she takes off her underwear and uses it to cover up a video camera. The film contains very heavy amounts of violence, so viewers should definitely heed the appropriately assigned PG-13 rating. While in North Korea, Evelyn Salt gets a tube shoved down her throat, and gasoline is subsequently poured down it. During an interrogation, she is brutally punched in the face several times. There are numerous hand-to-hand combats and plenty of shootings. However, little blood is shown during the fights and shooting. One man is repeatedly stabbed in the throat with a broken bottle, but the actual stabbing is not shown. There’s one suicide bomber who’s briefly shown blowing up before the camera turns away. One man is murdered when Salt takes a chain and viciously strangles him with her weight by jumping off a stairwell. When meeting some of the Russian spies, they devotedly kiss the ring of their leader—sharing a close bond with one another. With false seeds planted within childhood, they wholeheartedly believe in their leader’s horrid cause, despite the bloodshed required to achieve his vision.

IV. Critique
A. Positive
I found this movie to be better than typical in the sense of an action movie. I don't really noticing any swears and certainly nothing sexual, which I found a huge relief. Swears and sexuality are really not necessary to make a really good movie. The aggression was not graphic. I would recommend this movie.
B. Negative
None at all! The movie is awesome and there’s no such thing as negative to me aside from the moral issues. There are scenes in the movie which can happen in the future or is happening now.

V. Conclusion

Salt has all the elements you expect from an action/thriller film but it wraps it up in a refreshingly new way. What makes "Salt" so astounding is how natural everything feels. Yes, there's the occasional extraordinary task that seems far-fetched but the lack of any CGI elements is something we definitely appreciated. "Salt" just proves that sometimes technology should take a back seat. The real seller for "Salt" more than anything else is the story. The tag line "Who is Salt?" definitely captures what the film feels like. You really cannot trust anyone in this movie and the twists will most definitely surprise you more than once. What we really hated about "Salt" is it ended a bit too quick and suddenly - though it really does hint a sequel should be in the works. We already miss the heart-pounding scenes and the edge-of-your-seat action. We can guarantee that "Salt" is a must-watch.

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A short train journey from Solo brought us to Yogyakarta, the number one tourist destination on Java. World class sights, excellent food and a cultural interesting city.

We spent 4 days and nights here, walking in the busy markets, enjoying a music performance (gamelan) in the big palace (Kraton), and finally visiting the grand temples of Prambanan. All this at the same time as Yogyakarta were in the worldnews, with the eruption of Merapi creating big headlines.

Author: Lyngve Skrede

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Gunung Lawu

From Solo City, we decided to climb Gunung Lawu. Towering Gunung Lawu (3256m), lying on the border of Central and East Java, is one of the holiest mountains in Java. It was pretty simple to reach the mountain. We took a bus from Solo to Tawangmangu which cost 12,000Rp/person for 2 hours. We opted to stay there for awhile for us to be able to buy the food which we will need during the climb. We had a hard time to decide if we have to stay in a hotel for 5-6 hours. Thus, we agreed to stay in a simple hotel that cost 150,000Rp.
Roaming around the town, we noticed a Warung Baru (simple eatery). We were hungry and so we decided to eat Nasi Goreng. From the eatery, we met this Dutch guy and asked us about our plans in climbing Gunung Lawu. We told him that we are going to start the climb around 10pm and will be able to reach the summit around 5/6am. He even invited us to join with him for he will be alone during the climb.
Climbing Gunung Lawu
Angkot (small minibus) between Tawangmangu and Sarangan pass Cemoro Sewu (5,000Rp). Unfortunately, there was no minibus available during the night. So we asked the hotel management if they can drop us in Cemoro Sewu. It was oh so hard to explain to them about our trip to Cemoro Sewu due to this language barrier. As luck would have it, they were able to understand our simple English. Lyngve and the owner agreed to pay 150,000Rp.
After the agreement, we were able to rest inside our room. We had 5 hours to rest before the climb. Around 10pm, Lyngve woke me up. Oh… I wanted to sleep more. But we have to stick into the time agreement.
Finally, we were able to reach the foot of the mountain. It was oh so cold. I was freezing to death. We started to climb the mountain and saw a group of guys sleeping in their tents. I thought it would be only the 2 of us in the mountain. Then it came into our mind about this Dutch guy, wondering if he is already in the mountain following us or not. Walking along the trails in the mountain was pretty scary. We only had 1 head light and it was dark, almost zero visibility because of the fog. The only thing I was scared the most were snakes and bears. Happily, there are no snakes or bears in the area.
In the middle of the climb, the trail started to become steeper and steeper. I was so lazy. I was burping and farting. Whenever we stop to pee or to eat some snacks, it made me freeze a lot and almost had hypothermia.
Around 4am, we got lost. Oh my gosh! I was freaking out and asked Lyngve to stop and wait for the sun to come. The trail was broken when we were almost in the summit. It was so dark and so we weren’t able to see the broken trail. We were lost for an hour. I thought we’re going to be lost forever. Fortunately, Lyngve found the broken trail. I was impressed by Lyngve’s way of navigation. He was good.

Around 6am, we were able to see the beautiful scenery and found a Warung Baru where a lady stays there all her life and goes down once or twice in the mountain. Her source of food and water are some good guys that fetch water and buy food for her.
Along the way to the summit, we asked a guy on how to reach there without getting lost and that he pointed us the way. I was so exhausted and wanted to stop and rest in warung baru. But Lyngve encouraged me to reach the summit.
Reaching the summit was a big fulfillment for us. It was my first time to be in a lot of exhaustion. I can’t believe I was able to reach there without an altitude problem except from burping and farting every 2 minutes.
When we were on the summit, Lyngve was emotional and cried a tear. Oh… I was touched. We spent 5 minutes in the summit and decided to go down to the Warung Baru for a cup of lemon tea that cost 2,000Rp. We rested there for 20 minutes and went down. Going down was hard because I got some blisters and my legs were so tired. But then, nature was there to inspire me to continue on walking. I can’t believe how beautiful the world is. The trees, birds and the beautiful mountain made me feel at peace.
We were able to reach the foot of the mountain around 1pm. An Angkot dropped us from Cemoro Sewu to Tawangmangu Terminal (8,000Rp/person). We found a bus that was leaving from Tawangmangu to Solo City.
Back in Solo City in our homestay, we met the Dutch guy again. We asked him if he was able to reach the summit. He said that he failed reaching the summit because he had an altitude sickness which made him not to be in focus and that he was alone and scared. So he decided to go down again when he was in the middle of the trail in the mountain.

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Feeding Program

Feeding Program
October 1, 2010, Friday---Our group was tasked to do one of the corporal works of mercy. Feeding the hungry was definitely a great experience for the group. It was our first time in which we really made an effort to share our blessings. To show that we care and to let them feel that they are loved. At first, it was so hard for us to choose what food we are going to prepare and cook. We came up to an idea to cook Pancit paired with Sandwich and orange juice. All members of the group have been cooperative. We gave an extra effort to cook and prepare everything. Actually, we are not that rich to afford everything but with the help of other people, we were able to raise some amounts of money. It helped a lot. Thanks to our family and friends who have been very supportive in this program. The program will be too impossible to happen without them.
Venue was a problem. We had plans but it never worked out until Dominic was able to choose a place. He came up to an idea to distribute the food in Ibarra, Maasin City. We never expected that in a small village, there were poor families living near the big houses. We thought that everyone were rich in that particular area. Dominic gathered the children. Those poor children welcomed us all. They all captured our hearts. Everyone look so happy. They were so excited for us to distribute the food.
While eating and enjoying the food, we noticed that a girl doesn’t know how to use fork. Her grandmother told us that she has a fever. We’re glad that she still had the appetite despite her illness. Then suddenly, another girl captured our hearts. She has some abnormalities in which she cannot understand things. That was according to her grandmother. We were touched when we saw her with broken slippers.
After the feeding program, again, we gathered those children to take photos. We saw those genuine smiles and happy eyes. We had fun. Watching them very happy made us realize that small things can make someone happy. Life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.

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Friendship and Cameras

What do you usually do when you are with your friends? If you ask me, we usually eat something good, talk, and take pictures. Yes, we love taking pictures of ourselves. You might say that we are kind of vain, and yes, we are.

If you ask me which kind of camera we use when taking photos, we use two brands of cameras. My friend uses her DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) and my Casio Exilim Camera. What I like about DSLR is that, it gives me the photo effect which I really wanted. The features of the DSLR is just amazing, especially the focus. With regards to my Casio Exilim Camera, what I like about this is that, it has a MAKE-UP EFFECT plus other best shot effects. There's no need for me to use Adobe Photoshop to edit the photos. It is just an amazing camera. I got this from my boyfriend as a gift which he bought in Bali, Indonesia which cost around 3,000,000 Rupiah including the 8GB memory card and an extra rechargeable camera. Try this Casio Exilim Camera. I'm loving it! The battery lasts for a long time. It can take 200 photos or so.

Technical Details: Casio Exilim EX-H5BK 12MP Digital Camera

  • Best Shot Mode: 41 Best Shot Modes are available to help you quickly adjust with a range of settings so that you always get a perfect shot
  • CCD Shift Stabilization: This feature stabilizes the image mechanically during recording whenever camera movement is detected.
  • Dynamic Photo Animated e-Greetings: Place your subject on any background: Thanks to the high-speed image processing capability of the new engine
  • One Button Video: One-Button Video makes it very easy for you to switch back and forth between still and video modes to capture the perfect moment
  • 10X Ultra Wide Zoom Lens (24mm): A 24mm 10X Ultra-Wide Zoom lens helps you capture beautiful wide open vistas
  • Images come out crisp and clear, even under conditions that are prone to camera movement
  • A moving subject can be cut out of a number of images that have been shot and combined with a different still shot that forms the background

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My friends and I decided to take another photoshoot. This time, it would be very different for we don’t need a lot of things to use. My friend said that this is going to be just a run-through photoshoot.

The photoshoot should be in a dark area and thus, we decided to take it inside our friend’s boarding house. The theme of this photoshoot was oh so unknown. It was just a plain photoshoot so we don’t need a label on it.

Any comment?

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Girls just wanna have fun. We are not models. We do this just for real fun! So who do you think we are? :)

What is VINTAGE??

Generally speaking, clothing which was produced before the 1920s is referred to as antique clothing and clothing from the 1920s to 1980s is considered vintage. Retro, short for retrospective, or "vintage style" usually refers to clothing that imitates the style of a previous era. Reproduction, or repro, clothing is a newly-made but faithful copy of an older garment. Clothing produced more recently is usually called modern or contemporary fashion. Opinions vary on these definitions.

Most vintage clothing has been previously worn, but a small percentage of pieces have not. These are often old warehouse stock, and more valuable than those that have been worn, especially if they have their original tags. Referred to as deadstock, they nevertheless sometimes have flaws.

Other reasons that some people are attracted to vintage clothing include:

Unique or almost unique: many items were custom made, and others were manufactured in small quantities only.
Good quality: they were designed to be worn for years and passed on to other family members, so they were made of robust materials, well cut and well made, with generous seam allowances and hems which allow for alterations and custom fit.
Fine materials: many of the unusual older fabric types are no longer manufactured, or are now prohibitively expensive.
Value for money: garments generally sell for a cost far below similar new modern garments.
History: an appreciation of the past, the roles of previous generations and the skills of respected designers.
Detailing: hand finishing, unusual buttons, hand embroidery, handmade lace, crochet, applique, beading and other techniques.
Style: vintage clothing has traditionally been the favourite of creative personalities because it offers an enormously wide range of imaginative styles.
Investment: some people buy to collect rather than to wear, and increasingly, good quality vintage garments especially items by well-known designers are sought after by collectors.
Union made: many vintage clothes carry a union label, thus avoiding labor practices in third world countries that are regarded as abusive.

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Koh Samet, Thailand (2010)

My New Year's Holiday(2010) in Koh Samet is the best holiday I've ever had. Thai people see me as one of them. Well, before you would be able to reach the beautiful White Sand Beach, you have to ride a bus from Bangkok (Ekamai) to Rayong. Ban Phe is where you will be able to find boats to reach the beach. SO, from Rayong to Ban Phe, you have to ride a taxi which cost 150 Baht/taxi. When you arrive in the port of Ban Phe, a crowd of people will welcome you and will ask you to buy tickets for them. I would recommend for the travelers to buy tickets inside the port and that will cost 50 Baht/person. It's worth it. The boat will leave every 30 minutes. You have to wait for the boat to be filled by passengers before it will leave the port so be patient. When you arrive in the island, for tourist, you have to pay 200 Baht for the entrance fee and 50 Baht for the Thai citizens.

I've stayed in the so-called "Bungalow" hotel. It looks good. The atmosphere is clean and the ambiance is perfect! It cost 800 Baht/night with a bed good for two people and a private rest room. In the surroundings, you will see stores everywhere and so you will not be able to be worried about buying your swim wear. A grocery store is located near the hotel and it is open 24 hours a day. Restaurants are everywhere where you can taste Thai cuisine.

Roaming around the beach will make you feel relax. The air is fresh, the water is clean. You don't have to worry about getting lost because it is just a small island. Waiting for the sun set is the best activity I've ever had. Wonderful!

I hope you'll enjoy your stay in Koh Samet, Thailand!

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A Day with the Dead

Is Gothic beautiful? Well, I consider it as beautiful. I have this Gothic side of mine. I love black. It shows my emotional side in which other people doesn't see.

Black is associated with honor, not death.

Our Gothic photo shoot was indeed a success! People were staring because of our looks. At first, an old man thought that we are going to attend a funeral. I was laughing because of his assumption. He even asked us for a permit of the funeral, but hey! We're going to have a photo shoot and not a funeral stuff.

There was also this weird guy. I was scared by the way he looks at us. He looks like a drug addict but I don't want to judge him.

Well.. as of now, I am looking forward for our next photo shoot! :)

more photos on this link:

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Cacao Mountain Resort

My friend and I were bored doing nothing and decided to go to Cacao Mountain Resort located in Maasin City. From Brgy. Tunga-Tunga, a motorcycle took us to Brgy. Tagnipa and paid 6 pesos each. We had to walk a kilometer for the motorcycle can't drive us thru to the resort because of the unpaved road.

The entrance of the resort is 20 pesos and if you're going to swim in the pool, you have to pay an additional amount of 50 pesos. We were the only guests in the resort. The best part of the resort is the little falls. It looks nice to me. We didn't bother to stay a night there for it has no room for guests.

The pool and toilet was dirty. I didn't like it.

Heading back to the city is pretty simple. We had to walk for a kilometer again and waited for a motorcycle to pick us up.

I don't know if I will be able to visit the resort again. We'll see!

see photos here:

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After spending 2 days and 1 night in Kuting Reef, we decided to see Amparaiso located in Macrohon, Southern Leyte. We took a small cab from Padre Burgos to Macrohon and paid 12 pesos each. The resort was appealing and guess what? We were the only guests in the resort. It was kind of deserted. I can't believe how the resort would survive without any guest. They have this new building without any guest.

We chose to stay 1 night in the resort and paid 1,200 pesos in a native, small room with a complementary breakfast for 2. The room was clean and the toilet smells good. I was kind of liking the environment for it was oh so silent and calm.

I like the ambiance of the resort but then we decided to leave the resort for at the end of the day, we find the it very boring. Who knows in time, it will become popular like Kuting Reef.

see photos here:

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Kuting Reef

Way back in my summer holiday last year (April-May 2010), my sister and I decided to visit and explore Kuting Reef. I didn't expect much about the resort for I think it was just a simple/plain resort.

Before going to Kuting Reef, you have to call first the resort for reservation. Kuting reef is pretty popular for local and foreign people. It would be a waste of time and money if you go there and see the sign saying "FULLY BOOKED".

From Maasin City to Padre Burgos, a small cab took us to the place (Kuting Reef) for 30 minutes and we paid 30 pesos/person. The road was in good condition, thus I didn't feel dizzy at all (good for me).

Finally, we were near the gate. I was pretty surprised when a worker talked to me in "TAGALOG LANGUAGE" when in fact he was purely a Visayan guy. Then I realized, it is in the policy that workers in the resort must use Tagalog language for local people and English language for foreign people.

So when we went to the desk, a lady asked me if I made a reservation or not and I said "Yep, I did". It was kind of disappointing when our room wasn't ready yet for accommodation. They told us to wait in the BOARDWALK and yes, we did. We have waited for 1.5 hours. I can't believe how slow the service was. It really pissed me off.

When we entered in our room, it was fascinating. From the outside, it looks native. But then when we were able to see the beauty inside the room, it was extraordinary. The room was oh so clean, the toilet smells good and the bed was well-heeled. There was also a small terrace which you can relax, grab some coffee/soda and enjoy watching the picturesque of the landscape of the resort. The pool and the beach is overlooking. There was serenity, indeed.

The resort was pretty expensive. We paid 2,600 pesos, deluxe room good for 4 people with a complementary breakfast for 2 and 4 hours free use of Kayak. The food was good and worth it but the services is quite sluggish probably because of the new employees.

The employees are very polite and I liked it. I would love to visit the resort again. Hopefully I get a discount... he-he-he :)

for photos, see link here:

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Money Maker Plant

It wasn't just my tiny pineapple who surprised me this morning but also this so-called "Money Maker Plant".

When I was a kid, my mom told me that when you have a plant like this, you will have plenty of money because it brings luck to the family. So I decided to find and plant Money Maker. Again, I got this in the mountains!

I took a photo of the flower of this plant. It looks bizarre to me.

I don't know if this plant would really bring luck to my family. But I consider myself as a lucky one.

I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.

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My Tiny Pineapple Plant

This morning, as I was watering my plants, I saw something beautiful. Wow! My tiny pineapple plant bear a little fruit! This is the first time for me to see it bearing a fruit. Can you imagine how small thing creates a very beautiful and magnificent output? I was super surprise.

The characteristics of this plant are... It has long, hard and thorny leaves. It looks like a real pineapple. It is sturdy, exquisite and it grows upward (not side ward). So my question is.. what is the real name of this plant? I got this in the mountains where my grandmother lives..

I just realized that little things should not be taken for granted. Even if they are just little creatures, it also has its significance or essence in this world. Beauty does not come to it's size but to its purity and beauty deep within.

Like me. Even if people see me as a little girl, who cares? At least I have done my best part to live in this world. As I have said earlier, never ever take anybody/anything for granted, coz you never know you might loose them.

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Nature is Taking Revenge

When I was young, I've seen so much trees in my surroundings, clean beaches, fresh air. I really enjoyed on what the nature has given me. It made me appreciate it. As the day goes by, I've seen it less than before. Where are the trees? How did the garbage went and swim into the ocean? I thought it was just normal.

I've seen people throwing garbage everywhere especially on the rivers. I've seen people throwing their little garbage (e.g. Candy wrappers).

I was trained by my parents to become a good citizen and that I will not dare to destroy our nature. I followed them because they know what's the best.

When I turned on the television, I've seen so many catastrophes killing many people because of landslide, flash floods, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami and the like.

In my Integral Science subject, our teacher showed us information about global warming. It was Al Gore's explanation on why such things happen. The whole film showing made me realize that I made my own mistake too ( I wasn't able to give advices to the people I've known who do like this).

Using things with CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) can cause global warming. Throwing garbage anywhere, cutting trees, using vehicles with black smoke, burning plastics and many more! Little by little, we are destroying our own environment. It will surely affect us in the near future. What else can our descendants see in this world if everything will be damage?

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My Poor Dog

As the sun started to shine, I allowed my dog to go outside and pee. An unexpected incident happened when the enforcers were trying to get my dog and put into a little cage. A neighbor have told us that our poor dog has been caught and was bleeding (specifically the mouth). I felt bad about it when I heard the news. Six-thirty in the morning, my sisters and I went to the Municipal Hall to insure that my dog was really caught or not. I saw my dog bleeding and making some noise, asking some help from us. But what can I do?

I begged to those enforcers to bail my dog from the cage. I know that my dog is super hungry and thirsty, so as with the other dogs. I know that they want to escape into the cages. The guys told me that I should pay 500 pesos before they could release my dog. I was kind of shocked. I said "Are you kidding me?" I asked them for a discount and then they said.."Ok, 250 pesos... first offense". Is this some kind of business? Wow! I've seen 5 dogs caught. The government can earn 3000 pesos per day! Good for them but bad for those dog owners who can't pay 500 pesos for their dog. I've heard from one of them that after 3 days, when the owner will not pay for that amount, they're gonna bring those poor dogs into the slaughter house and they will kill it and bury it. Do you think this is some kind of animal cruelty? I think so!

Their reason in doing this is to prevent accidents. Yes, I know and I understand. But the way they're trying to get the dog and put into the cage is incorrect! They're using a round metal to get the dogs. Now I know why my dog was bleeding. This is improper. They should have just used a soft one, right?

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