Money Maker Plant

It wasn't just my tiny pineapple who surprised me this morning but also this so-called "Money Maker Plant".

When I was a kid, my mom told me that when you have a plant like this, you will have plenty of money because it brings luck to the family. So I decided to find and plant Money Maker. Again, I got this in the mountains!

I took a photo of the flower of this plant. It looks bizarre to me.

I don't know if this plant would really bring luck to my family. But I consider myself as a lucky one.

I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.

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My Tiny Pineapple Plant

This morning, as I was watering my plants, I saw something beautiful. Wow! My tiny pineapple plant bear a little fruit! This is the first time for me to see it bearing a fruit. Can you imagine how small thing creates a very beautiful and magnificent output? I was super surprise.

The characteristics of this plant are... It has long, hard and thorny leaves. It looks like a real pineapple. It is sturdy, exquisite and it grows upward (not side ward). So my question is.. what is the real name of this plant? I got this in the mountains where my grandmother lives..

I just realized that little things should not be taken for granted. Even if they are just little creatures, it also has its significance or essence in this world. Beauty does not come to it's size but to its purity and beauty deep within.

Like me. Even if people see me as a little girl, who cares? At least I have done my best part to live in this world. As I have said earlier, never ever take anybody/anything for granted, coz you never know you might loose them.

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Nature is Taking Revenge

When I was young, I've seen so much trees in my surroundings, clean beaches, fresh air. I really enjoyed on what the nature has given me. It made me appreciate it. As the day goes by, I've seen it less than before. Where are the trees? How did the garbage went and swim into the ocean? I thought it was just normal.

I've seen people throwing garbage everywhere especially on the rivers. I've seen people throwing their little garbage (e.g. Candy wrappers).

I was trained by my parents to become a good citizen and that I will not dare to destroy our nature. I followed them because they know what's the best.

When I turned on the television, I've seen so many catastrophes killing many people because of landslide, flash floods, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami and the like.

In my Integral Science subject, our teacher showed us information about global warming. It was Al Gore's explanation on why such things happen. The whole film showing made me realize that I made my own mistake too ( I wasn't able to give advices to the people I've known who do like this).

Using things with CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) can cause global warming. Throwing garbage anywhere, cutting trees, using vehicles with black smoke, burning plastics and many more! Little by little, we are destroying our own environment. It will surely affect us in the near future. What else can our descendants see in this world if everything will be damage?

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My Poor Dog

As the sun started to shine, I allowed my dog to go outside and pee. An unexpected incident happened when the enforcers were trying to get my dog and put into a little cage. A neighbor have told us that our poor dog has been caught and was bleeding (specifically the mouth). I felt bad about it when I heard the news. Six-thirty in the morning, my sisters and I went to the Municipal Hall to insure that my dog was really caught or not. I saw my dog bleeding and making some noise, asking some help from us. But what can I do?

I begged to those enforcers to bail my dog from the cage. I know that my dog is super hungry and thirsty, so as with the other dogs. I know that they want to escape into the cages. The guys told me that I should pay 500 pesos before they could release my dog. I was kind of shocked. I said "Are you kidding me?" I asked them for a discount and then they said.."Ok, 250 pesos... first offense". Is this some kind of business? Wow! I've seen 5 dogs caught. The government can earn 3000 pesos per day! Good for them but bad for those dog owners who can't pay 500 pesos for their dog. I've heard from one of them that after 3 days, when the owner will not pay for that amount, they're gonna bring those poor dogs into the slaughter house and they will kill it and bury it. Do you think this is some kind of animal cruelty? I think so!

Their reason in doing this is to prevent accidents. Yes, I know and I understand. But the way they're trying to get the dog and put into the cage is incorrect! They're using a round metal to get the dogs. Now I know why my dog was bleeding. This is improper. They should have just used a soft one, right?

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