Koh Samet, Thailand (2010)

My New Year's Holiday(2010) in Koh Samet is the best holiday I've ever had. Thai people see me as one of them. Well, before you would be able to reach the beautiful White Sand Beach, you have to ride a bus from Bangkok (Ekamai) to Rayong. Ban Phe is where you will be able to find boats to reach the beach. SO, from Rayong to Ban Phe, you have to ride a taxi which cost 150 Baht/taxi. When you arrive in the port of Ban Phe, a crowd of people will welcome you and will ask you to buy tickets for them. I would recommend for the travelers to buy tickets inside the port and that will cost 50 Baht/person. It's worth it. The boat will leave every 30 minutes. You have to wait for the boat to be filled by passengers before it will leave the port so be patient. When you arrive in the island, for tourist, you have to pay 200 Baht for the entrance fee and 50 Baht for the Thai citizens.

I've stayed in the so-called "Bungalow" hotel. It looks good. The atmosphere is clean and the ambiance is perfect! It cost 800 Baht/night with a bed good for two people and a private rest room. In the surroundings, you will see stores everywhere and so you will not be able to be worried about buying your swim wear. A grocery store is located near the hotel and it is open 24 hours a day. Restaurants are everywhere where you can taste Thai cuisine.

Roaming around the beach will make you feel relax. The air is fresh, the water is clean. You don't have to worry about getting lost because it is just a small island. Waiting for the sun set is the best activity I've ever had. Wonderful!

I hope you'll enjoy your stay in Koh Samet, Thailand!

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