Friendship and Cameras

What do you usually do when you are with your friends? If you ask me, we usually eat something good, talk, and take pictures. Yes, we love taking pictures of ourselves. You might say that we are kind of vain, and yes, we are.

If you ask me which kind of camera we use when taking photos, we use two brands of cameras. My friend uses her DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) and my Casio Exilim Camera. What I like about DSLR is that, it gives me the photo effect which I really wanted. The features of the DSLR is just amazing, especially the focus. With regards to my Casio Exilim Camera, what I like about this is that, it has a MAKE-UP EFFECT plus other best shot effects. There's no need for me to use Adobe Photoshop to edit the photos. It is just an amazing camera. I got this from my boyfriend as a gift which he bought in Bali, Indonesia which cost around 3,000,000 Rupiah including the 8GB memory card and an extra rechargeable camera. Try this Casio Exilim Camera. I'm loving it! The battery lasts for a long time. It can take 200 photos or so.

Technical Details: Casio Exilim EX-H5BK 12MP Digital Camera

  • Best Shot Mode: 41 Best Shot Modes are available to help you quickly adjust with a range of settings so that you always get a perfect shot
  • CCD Shift Stabilization: This feature stabilizes the image mechanically during recording whenever camera movement is detected.
  • Dynamic Photo Animated e-Greetings: Place your subject on any background: Thanks to the high-speed image processing capability of the new engine
  • One Button Video: One-Button Video makes it very easy for you to switch back and forth between still and video modes to capture the perfect moment
  • 10X Ultra Wide Zoom Lens (24mm): A 24mm 10X Ultra-Wide Zoom lens helps you capture beautiful wide open vistas
  • Images come out crisp and clear, even under conditions that are prone to camera movement
  • A moving subject can be cut out of a number of images that have been shot and combined with a different still shot that forms the background

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