Visiting the Sick

Once again, the Friends of Fr. Justin conducted one of the corporal works of mercy which is visiting the sick. We, the members of this organization joined forces to do such activity.
We bought fruits and biscuits as a gift to the patients. When we arrived at the hospital, we inquired to the head nurse for us to know which patient is allowed to eat the food that we bought since they follow a proper diet for a particular illness. One of the nurses recommended Mrs. Maria Geraldo which is suffering from low hemoglobin (Anemia). She has been admitted in the hospital for 3 days because her family wasn’t able to find a Type “AB” blood donor. She is from Sta. Cruz, Bantig and under the care of Dr. Otares.
We were touched by her stories because she is desperately looking for a blood donor. We felt sorry for her that we decided to check our blood types in order for us to know if one of us would be a perfect match to her blood type. Unfortunately, Junegil, Gerry, Majel, Jeniecel and Emily have blood types of A, O, B, B and O respectively.
Another patient was Mrs. Christine Espinosa. She was suffering from LBM which resulted to dehydration. We gave the gift and decided to leave because we weren’t able to interview her because she hardly spoke. We saw her suffering from pain. We were touched because her bed didn’t look comfortable. She had no beddings and pillows. She even used her bag as a pillow. She was completely alone. She had no visitor and there was no one taking care of her except the nurses. It was quite scary to see her alone.
From this activity, we’ve learned that prevention is better than cure. People should take care of their bodies. One of our roles in this world is to be a good shepherd, a keeper.

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