Kuting Reef

Way back in my summer holiday last year (April-May 2010), my sister and I decided to visit and explore Kuting Reef. I didn't expect much about the resort for I think it was just a simple/plain resort.

Before going to Kuting Reef, you have to call first the resort for reservation. Kuting reef is pretty popular for local and foreign people. It would be a waste of time and money if you go there and see the sign saying "FULLY BOOKED".

From Maasin City to Padre Burgos, a small cab took us to the place (Kuting Reef) for 30 minutes and we paid 30 pesos/person. The road was in good condition, thus I didn't feel dizzy at all (good for me).

Finally, we were near the gate. I was pretty surprised when a worker talked to me in "TAGALOG LANGUAGE" when in fact he was purely a Visayan guy. Then I realized, it is in the policy that workers in the resort must use Tagalog language for local people and English language for foreign people.

So when we went to the desk, a lady asked me if I made a reservation or not and I said "Yep, I did". It was kind of disappointing when our room wasn't ready yet for accommodation. They told us to wait in the BOARDWALK and yes, we did. We have waited for 1.5 hours. I can't believe how slow the service was. It really pissed me off.

When we entered in our room, it was fascinating. From the outside, it looks native. But then when we were able to see the beauty inside the room, it was extraordinary. The room was oh so clean, the toilet smells good and the bed was well-heeled. There was also a small terrace which you can relax, grab some coffee/soda and enjoy watching the picturesque of the landscape of the resort. The pool and the beach is overlooking. There was serenity, indeed.

The resort was pretty expensive. We paid 2,600 pesos, deluxe room good for 4 people with a complementary breakfast for 2 and 4 hours free use of Kayak. The food was good and worth it but the services is quite sluggish probably because of the new employees.

The employees are very polite and I liked it. I would love to visit the resort again. Hopefully I get a discount... he-he-he :)

for photos, see link here:

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  1. hai alam mokhit tgaso, leyte a q nd pa a q nka pasuksa kuting reef
    and sa mga nkta q nah mga photo nio
    maganda pla don
    kya lng bka sobrang mahal doun
    , but alam nio ng,ipon a q ng pera PARA MYPAM BUDGET A Q PG PUNTA Q
    Ahm tnx huh x pg upload nio x mga pec. ng grab pla a q hehehehe

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