Chitwan National Park

Getting there and away

From Pokhara, we ordered a ticket for a tourist bus in an agency near Laxman Restaurant. It cost 400Nrs/person. The bus departs around 7:30am (Mustang Bus Station).

From Chitwan to Kathmandu, the bus departs at 9:30am and will arrive at 3 in the afternoon.


Jungle Wildlife Camp is in the river side of Chitwan. The room ranges from 600-800Nrs. Our stay in this hotel was in package (7,500/person). It includes the hotel room; food (breakfast, lunch & dinner --- the cook delicious and mouth-watering dishes); activities such as elephant breeding center, jungle walk, jeep safari, elephant safari, and tower night; and a bus ticket to Kathmandu.

The room is worth the price with big, clean and nice powder room; balcony; and bed with mosquito net. The staffs are friendly and polite. The ambiance of the hotel is good!


Elephant Breeding Center (3:00-4:30pm)

You will ride a jeep to reach the area where you can find wild elephants. You can take photos but you’re not allowed to get closer to the elephant (they are aggressive). After that, the guide will take you to jungle vicinity located near the breeding center.

Jungle Walk (7:00-11:30am)

Walk a short distance from the hotel and you will reach the main vicinity for canoeing. Canoeing will take for 30-45 minutes, where you can see different birds and crocodiles.

During the jungle walk, if you are lucky, you may see rhinoceros, deer, monkey, bear, birds and wild boar.

Our experience with the jungle walk caused me an adrenaline rush. We were chasing for a deer and it so happened that 2 rhinoceros were blocking our way, 5 meters away from us. It was a nerve-racking and stomach-churning event. Then the rhinos noticed our presence and ran away.

Jeep Safari (1:00-5:00pm)

If you are lucky, you will see more than what you’ve seen in jungle walk (rhinos, tiger, bear). The road is rough and so you have to hold tightly in the jeep.

In our experience, the start of the activity was exhilarating. The first thing we saw was tiger footprints. Then we drove more and more (30km minimum) and saw rhinos, deer, monkey, birds. We didn’t see any tiger though. At the end of the day, we saw a total of 6 rhinoceros. It was quite interesting. Before we left the jungle, we had a flat tire. So we waited for 20 minutes for it to be replaced with another tire and went back to the hotel.­­

NOTE: It is dusty and warm in the jungle so you better bring sunglasses and cap.

Elephant Safari (9:00-11:00am

The hotel management will drive you to the elephant safari vicinity. Then you will line up in the stairs. You will see big, small and medium sizes of elephants. At first, you may see it very interesting but wait until you ride on the elephant. It is uncomfortable. Only 4 people maximum is allowed to ride per elephant. During the ride, you may see rhinos, wild boar, wild chicken, deer and monkey. The trail in the jungle is too small so you better watch for your legs not stuck in the branches.

I got 2 blue marks in both of my legs due to the uncomfortable wooden chair and branches.

NOTE: You might feel dizzy at the first part of the ride.

Tower Night (4:00pm-6:00am)

In the morning, you can check-out in the hotel until 12noon. You have to wait until 4pm before the guide will take you to the tower night vicinity. When you reach the vicinity, the guide will show you around the jungle. You may think that the vicinity looks familiar. Yes, it is indeed familiar because you have surely passed the tower during the Elephant Safari Activity. At the end of the day, you will see a lot of deer in the wide area where the tower is located.

The room is nice and the bed is comfortable enough with mosquito net. The hotel will still provide you the breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the morning, a jeep will take you back to the hotel so you can eat your breakfast and prepare for departure on wherever your next destination is (Kathmandu/Pokhara).

NOTE: You don't need to bring sleeping bag. The tower has its own bed, blanket and mosquito net. You can just bring headlight and your valuables. Leave your backpack in the hotel.

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L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 review

Product: L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5

Price: 120 pesos


I saw a TV commercial about L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 that talks about how it combats 5 signs of damage, and so I decided to try it. It's not that I am not satisfied with my conditioner, I just wanted to try new products.

When I was trekking in the Helambu and Gosainkund, I found out that I forgot to bring my L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5. I always tie my hair up and ends up being tangled. During the night, it was so hard for me brush my tangled hair. So when I arrived back in Kathmandu, I took a shower immediately and used L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5. Oh yes... it worked! After I shampooed my hair, I applied L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 avoiding the scalp (it can cause dandruff). I left it for 2 minutes and rinsed. It was like a magic that I was able to brush my hair without hassle. It was so smooth and silky. Goodbye tangled hair! This product really works in my hair. I would definitely use it everyday.

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Himalaya Protein Conditioner Review

Product: Himalaya Protein Conditioner

Price: 140Nrs or 84 pesos


This product is perfect for all types of hair. I am currently using it now. My hubby bought it for me when I asked him to pick some conditioner for me in the supermarket. When I tried it, it was a BANG! It worked! My hair became silky smooth, soft and tangle free! The conditioner smells so good and gives 3 essential benefits that my hair needs --- strength, reduced hair fall and protection from every damage.

Himalaya Protein Conditioner is safe to use on artificially coloured or permed hair.

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Nivea Intensive Body Milk Review

Product: Nivea Intensive Body Milk 250ml

Price: 220NRs or 132 pesos


I was looking for a lotion when I was in Pokhara, Nepal because I had a super dry skin due to the cold weather. My legs were scaly and it looked awful. Then I went to the supermarket and saw Nivea. I read the back portion of the bottle and decided to try it.

Nivea Intensive Body Milk lotion is a good product in which I can recommend to my friends. Why? It has a 24 hour intensive care, especially developed to meet the needs of dry to very dry skin. It's not sticky and it smells good to me. The price is cheap (220Nrs) and worth it. The lotion is runny so it spreads into my skin well. It makes my skin soft, smooth and reduces the roughness of my dry skin. I super love it!

Try it! :)

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From Syaulibazar, the walking was flat, which after the last 10 days seems distinctively weird. We walked from the trail that follows the river valley through a forest and rice terraces. We reached Birethanti (1,000m) after 1 ½ hr of walking. The last stretch of the trail was rough and rocky, down a dry streamed to a shrine by the Modi Khola. Then we reached ACAP and surrendered our permit. It was a 30-minute walk on the rough road to Nayapul. From Nayapul, we took a taxi to Pokhara (1,200Nrs)

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Chhomrong- Syaulibazar

We chose the quickest way to Syaulibazar (7:50am). We descended steeply to Jhinu Danda where you can find the hot spring. Then we continued to Himal Qu. We were walking on the Westside of the river. From there, Landruk was visible. We crossed two new bridges from Kimche (1,640m) and Kliu (1,390m). We reached Syaulibazar at 4:00pm. The hotels and cafes were seemed quite cosmopolitan. We stayed at Riverside Lodge (200Nrs).

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My stomach had been so painful since the day before. Instead of going to Machhapuchhare Base Camp (3,700m) and Annapurna Base Camp (4,130m), we decided to go down to Chhomrong (8hours). It was a tough decision. Both of us wanted to reach ABC for it will be our first time to see the sanctuary. But it would be too irresponsible if we insist to reach ABC. Prevention is better than cure.

Heading back down the valley was much easier (7:00am). Some rocks can be very slippery due to the glaciated rocks but we handled it very well. The temperature was cold--- below 0 degree Celsius.

We retraced our steps to Dovan and continued to Bamboo for 4 hours. We reached Bamboo at lunch time and decided to just have cookies. My stomach was getting better and it made me move faster. Then we continued walking, making a long, steep climb back to the top of Chhomrong. We wanted to stay at International Guest House but it was full. So we stayed in Excellent View Top Lodge. I was surprised because there were a lot of tourists. Three days before, there were only 4 guests in the lodge and the place was really quite.

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We climbed steeply through stands of bamboo, then through rhododendron forest up the side of the canyon. The trail dropped us to cross offshoot on narrow bridges and ascended continuously. After traversing avalanche channels, we reached a small hydro plant and lodges alongside the stone-paved trail of Dovan (2500m), an hour from Bamboo.

Elsewhere in Dovan, we crossed a stream and avalanche chute, and then we climbed across a landslide. We climbed past a cascade over a rock platform and passed a trailside temple decorated with Shiva tridents and flowers. Thirty minutes later, we reached two lodges that were both named Himalaya in a deep valley at Himalayan Hotel (2840m).

From Himalayan Hotel, we took about 50 minute walk, first on a rocky trail through forests, then up a steep valley, to Hinku Cave (3100m). High cascades tumble off the high rock walls in all directions. We crossed the remnants of a glacier just beyond Hinku, then we climbed through large rocks to Deurali (3140m) and stayed at Panorama Guest House.

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We left Chhomrong at 8:30am. We descended 150m on a stone staircase and crossed the Chhomrong Khola on a swaying suspension bridge at 1860m. Then we climbed out of the side valley through the tiny settelement of Tilche, through the forests of bamboo, rhododendron and oak. We climbed further on a rocky trail and reached Bhanuwa. Another further climb of about an hour took us to Sinuwa. We opted to have a break in a little restaurant just before we arrived at Sinuwa Guest House. We had a cup of milk tea (55Nrs) and hot lemonade (50Nrs).

Then we climbed for about an hour in a forest of rhododendrons. We descended a long, steep, slippery stone staircase. We saw snow everywhere from this point and arrived in Bamboo at 12:15pm. We stayed at bamboo Lodge paying 200Nrs.

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We started the trek at 7:30am and descended at the Hotel Grand View on a narrow trail full of bromeliads to a pasture. Downhill, there was another lodge (Mountain Discovery) with a peaceful location, a fine lawn and good rooms that look out the valley. Twenty minutes later, there was a farm-like Hillside Lodge at Chiule. Then we dropped down on steep steps through millet fields. Another 15 minutes descended us to an old suspension bridge over the Khumnu Khola at 1920m.

We started toclimb immediately to the spread-out village of Ghurjung (2010m), passing the school and Namabuddha Guest House. The trail passes through several homes and lodges, crossing another old suspension bridge. A walk in and out of side valleys to Dhiklyo-Danda took us for 45 minutes, where the Ghandruk-Chhomrong trails join the route. We climbed steeply to vest a ridge, gaining views of the fishtail (Machhapuchhare). Forty-five minutes later, we passed Taglung and the signed trail from Jhinu Danda and swung around the ridge for views of Chhomrong (2210m) beyond. We decided to stay at Internation Guest House for 200Nrs.

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Same as usual, we started to walk around 8am. It was a cloudy day. So to those who went on hiking to Poon Hill, I would say it was a failure for them to see the mountains. We descended 500+ meters and ascended 700+ meters. Reaching the last lodge in Banthanti (Trekker’s Sanctuary Lodge), it took 20 minutes to descend and 20-20 minutes to ascend. It was a steep uphill. We arrived Tadapani at 11:55am, and stayed at hotel Grand View (230Nrs).

NOTE: Make sure that the hot shower is working; else you’ll end up like me freezing inside the bathroom. I was waiting for the water to get warmer but it didn’t. I was freezing inside the bathroom for 10 minutes, naked. So I just decided to go out and jump into my sleeping bag.

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Ghorepani-Poon Hill

We woke up early at 5:00am to start a short hike to Poon Hill (3210m). No need to worry about the trail because it’s not steep (I keep on complaining though). Reaching Poon Hill was such a fulfillment for me because I was able to see the different mountains surrounding it such as Annapurna South, Machhapuchhare, Dhaulgiri, name it! A lot! I think there were 100 people maximum in Poon Hill. The temperature reached to below 0°C, and yes I was freezing. But hey, I enjoyed a lot with this trip. I’ve seen how remarkable the world is, though some people don’t know it.

After the entire trek from the start to Poon Hill, we decided to stay one more night in Ghorepani because I had sore legs.

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We woke up early in the morning (6:00am) to eat our breakfast and to do the trek as soon as possible to Ghorepani. It was super duper tiring on my part because the stairs were so steep. They said that there are more than 3,300 steps from Tikedhunga-Ulleri.
For lunch, we stopped in Banthanti for an hour for us to relax after all those steep stairs. Then we continued trekking from Banthanti-Ghorepani. We reached Ghorepani at 3:30pm and stayed in Nice View Point Lodge (200Nrs).

The rate of the food and hotel in the lodge is more expensive compared to the area of Nayapul-Tikedhunga. They said, the further you go through, the more expensive it will be.

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