Mt. Kitanglad (2,899 m) and D2 (2,938 m)

Who said that a fat ass like me can't climb mountains anymore? Well guess what, I just did. My boyfriend and I had decided to climb the 4th and the 2nd highest mountain in the Philippines, Mt. Kitanglad 2,899masl and Mt. Dulang-dulang 2,938masl respectively. How did we do it?

From Cagayan de Oro, we took a bus to Malaybalay, Bukidnon. We immediately went to PENR which is located in the Capitol Area. To get there you just have to tell the motorcycle (or Motorela in their terminologies) driver to drop you at PENR Capitol for only 8pesos per pax. When we get there, a staff told us that we would not be able to get the permit because the in-charge was not there, like all of the staffs who will do and give the permit are at the foot of Kitanglad celebrating the "Araw ng Kitanglad" or in english "Kitanglad Day". We were like, oh my goddy gosh. It was so sad to hear it. So since we did not have any plan B, we just stayed outside the PENR office and were thinking what to do. It so happened that a guy helped us to get the permit and said that he will arrange the permit for us. Wow! He's amazing! Well that guy I am talking about is Mr. Felix S. Mirasol Jr., OIC PENR Officer/PASu. Without his help we would not be able to get a permit for the 2 mountains. A million thanks is not enough, but still I super-duper appreciate his effort.

We stayed at Green Lodge near the Capitol Area, 750pesos per night for double bed including breakfast. It was nice and cozy with wifi connection. The next day, we went to the bus station around 5:00 am. Our entry point for the climb was Intavas. When you get into the bus, just inform the conductor to drop you at "crossing "Impasug-ong". At the drop off point, there will be motorbikes waiting for passengers. It will cost you 100 pesos per pax to reach the main area of Intavas but if you want to ride all the way at the foot of the mountain it will be a total of 250pesos per pax. We got a guide (500 pesos/day) Roron Humunlay (+639262472166 and; +639061495575) and his assistant guide/porter (500 pesos/day) RR, who voluntered himself to join us. The road was muddy and slippery so we had to get off and walk all the way to the foot of the mountain.

Day 1

05:00-05:45 Malaybalay to crossing Impasug-ong
05:45-07:30 Crossing Impasug-ong to main area of Intavas
(We were waiting for our guide and porter to show up)
07:30-08:00 Intavas to the foot of Kitanglad
08:00-09:00 Breakfast
09:00-11:45 Start of the trek
11:45-12:15 Lunch
12:15-15:00 Summit

At the summit there is a visitor house with bunk beds available good for 8 people. There is also electricity available so you can charge your gadgets if you have one. You can also cook there. Isn't it great? :)

Day 2

06:30-07:00 Breakfast
07:00-10:00 Trek
10:00-10:30 Break
10:30-14:00 Trek
14:00-14:10 Break
14:10-16:00 Summit
16:00-17:10 Descend to lower base-camp

From Mt. Kitanglad to D2, it was difficult in my part because I never experience using ropes and do rock climbing (some parts of the trek). Still, I was able to surpass those hard moments without using any ropes. Thank goodness I have those young and strong guide, porter and boyfriend who helped me climb the big rock. I was almost close of giving up but they were there to support me.

Day 3

06:00-07:00 Breakfast
07:00-09:30 Descend
09:30-09:45 Break
9:45-14:00 Lantapan

From the lower base camp to Lantapan, the trail is perfect. It was clear and not muddy. It is definitely easier trail compared to the trail of Kitanglad-D2. We passed a river and farms. You will also have to pass rocky roads. Unfortunately since I hate rocky roads, I have to take off my trekking shoes and wear my slippers. Still, I got blisters. But that was fine because I had so much fun. Maybe next time I can try D2 and traverse to Kitanglad (which is much harder for sure).

Don’t worry when you reach Lantapan because there are constant jeepneys waiting for passengers going to Malaybalay.

Anyways, to the readers, I hope you got some information here that would help you climb the 2 beautiful mountains. Have fun!

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  1. Hi!,
    Good day.
    Magkano poh ang guide at porter fee for D2K?

    Thanks poh,

  2. Hi Gerald,guide and porter has the same fee. It is 500 pesos per day :)

  3. My report with more details (including a GPS-track) can be found here:

  4. Hi maam, pwede ma hingi contact number ng Guide and Porter Mo..tahnks in advance and more power.

  5. Hi Maam, Thanks to your site, but mali yung number nang guide na nailagay nyo iba po yung may ari nang number. do you have the number of Mr. Felix Maam. Im Eduard and im a climber as well. Mobile number 0932-7361828

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