Mt. Hibok-Hibok (1,332 m)


I have always been wanting to have a holiday in Camiguin all because of their sweet lanzones. Finally I am here. They are not just famous with their lanzones, but they are also popular in terms of mountain. Mt. Hibok-Hibok is one of the top destinations here in Camiguin. Since we are an avid fan of mountains, we never doubt in climbing the mountain.

How to get there:

We took a bus from Cagayan de Oro to Balingoan. All buses bound to Butuan City will stop and pass Balingoan Bus Terminal. It is a five-minute walk away from the port but we were in a hurry so we took a tricycle that cost us seven pesos each. The weather was bad, people are lining up to get a ticket and it took us 2 hrs to get one. There are daily boat schedules to Camiguin Island but since the weather was bad, the coast guard wasn't sure if they would allow boat to sail to Camiguin. Two hours later, the coast guard had decided that it would be safe for a boat to sail, everybody was happy. While on the boat, the wind was strong, causing the boat to wiggle from left to right. People were screaming, including me, some were puking and some were crying. I thought it was the end of my life. Luckily, the captain was able to control the boat.

Arriving Benoni port was a chaos, everybody hurriedly took tricycle and multicabs. We didn't know what to take. There was this guy, Kuya Rey (09061436284 for transportation and reservation of accommodation) offering to take us to our chosen hotel (Ardent Hot Sprint Resort) for 30 pesos each, and so we hopped in. We arrived Yumbing. Kuya Rey offered to have a look into the hotel that he is working, Paguia Cottages (800 pesos per night), I said no because we want to stay in Ardent, but he insisted so Lyngve checked it. After five minutes he said the room looks nice, and so we stayed there. When I saw the room, it looks clean, big and worth it. I like it! The room has wifi as well, so what more can I ask for?

The next day, we went to DENR to get a permit. We took a tricycle from Yumbing to Mambajao (10 pesos each), then we took another tricycle from Mambajao to the DENR office (8 pesos each). We were assisted by Mr. Robert Rufino. He said that guide is mandatory to climb Mt. Hibok-Hibok. For the guide it should only cost 1,200 pesos maximum back and forth. I think the price here for a guide is a bit overpriced. I have been climbing mountains in the Philippines and the normal rate is 500 pesos per day. But for Mt. Hibok-Hibok, they are asking for 1,200 pesos for a one day climb. They should correct this one. The next morning, we texted Kuya Rey to drive us to Ardent so we can start the climb to Mt. Hibok-Hibok. We had our breakfast in Ardent and asked for a guide. The receptionist and the guy who appeared and volunteered to be our guide said that the normal rate for the guides would be 1,500 pesos back and forth. We were stunned. I told the guide that DENR had informed us that we should not pay more than 1,200 pesos for the guide, otherwise we can file a complaint to those who are insisting to ask for more. This guy and the receptionist insisted that we should pay 1,500. We negotiated the price, asking for non-licensed guide for 1,000. The guy said he will call someone to guide us. So we waited and waited, the guy did not appear so we decided to climb without a guide. We broke the first rule.

We started the trek around 7:30 and reached the summit at 11:45. On the very first part of the trail, we were not sure which trail to follow, so we had to investigate. I was never worried if we get lost because we were using GPS tool. Whatever happens we can just do back trail. We were wrong, so we did a short back trail. Luckily, there was a local guy and we asked him where is the correct way to reach Mt. Hibok-Hibok, he gave us the instruction and we followed every word he said, the rest of the trail were just so easy to follow even if they made new trails because of some fallen trees. When we reached the summit, it was foggy/cloudy and the wind was strong. We had our lunch at the summit. Stayed at the summit for 20 minutes, took some photos and enjoyed every moment on the summit. Then we descended that took us 3 hours and 15 minutes. This time I was fast. Normally, I hate the part of descending the mountain because I have to control my legs so much that it caused me to have sore legs. Well I guess it was the songs I played during the descent made me forget how tough it would be when going down. Lyngve was even surprised of my improvement, yepey!

Here's the GPS track just in case you need it:

Hibok Hibok

EveryTrail - Find the best hikes in California and beyond I highly recommend this mountain especially to those who are first timers. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at emilyngve@gmail.com

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  1. Hi Emily. I'm planning to climb Hibok2 next week, possibly via the Brgy Yumbing trail. Your blog is informative. Would it be alright to ask for a GPS trace of your climb?

  2. I am so sorry for the late reply Ervin. I was really busy and it took me ages to check and update my blog. Here's the gps track:


    thanks! :)

  3. Ervin, I updated my blog and included the gps track :)

  4. Not a problem Emily! Was able to get there and made my own as well. Thanks a bunch! Hope to climb with you in the future.


  5. you're very much welcome :)

    who knows maybe one of these days we can do a climb together :))

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