Mt. Mayana (870 m)


My bf told me that he wants to climb the highest mountain in Bohol which is located in Jagna. He said that it would be so easy to climb the mountain because it is just a small one. High or low mountain, I would always have the passion to climb a mountain.

How to get there:

Take a fast craft ferry from Cebu City to Tagbilaran. You may take ocean jet or supercat (daily). We chose ocean jet and departed around 2:15 pm. It was a 2-hr boat ride, not boring at all. We arrived late in Tagbilaran so we had to stay in Nisa Travelers Hotel which is located across the BQ mall. The ambiance is nice, price is (1,200 pesos/night) with complimentary breakfast, and the staffs are friendly. The next morning, we went to the bus terminal (the tricycle driver asked for 30 pesos fare for both of us). We took the bus going to Jagna that cost us 60 pesos each. We stayed in Idea Pension House and Garden Cafe (700 pesos/night good for 2 persons) in which majority of the staffs where deaf. The next day we hired a habal-habal for 120 pesos/each back and forth plus 50 pesos/hr waiting time.

Arriving at the small Brgy. Of Mayana, the driver informed us to get a guide (we paid 100 pesos) so we won't get lost, and so we did. We were walking in a muddy trail. I felt sorry for my white shoes. I thought that we would be walking on a fine trail, I was wrong. So yeah my white shoes became black. Long story short, arriving almost 10 meters away to the summit, I asked the guide to ask permission first to the security guard at the summit because I was thinking we are trespassing a private property of Globe and Smart Communications. So the guide did, after 5mins of waiting, the guide gave us a bad news, saying that we are not allowed to reach the summit because we don't have any permit. A bad day it is but we don't have any choice but to go down. At least we were 10 meters away from the summit, I think that was enough, but it would be best if we really reached the summit.

To those who are planning to climb the highest mountain in Jagna, you better get a permit first otherwise you'll end up like us. Have fun and enjoy!

If you have questions, feel free to email me at emilyngve@gmail.com

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  1. So, would that mean that there's no way to do camping there in Mt. Mayana?

  2. Hi! If you really want to climb and reach the summit of Mt. Mayana, you need to ask permit from Globe and Smart, otherwise the guards won't let you reach the summit :)

  3. Hi im from jagna an im planning to climb the mountain on the 29 of dec.have you not tried to ask permit from the barangay of mayana.per municipality of jagna if you want to climb all you need to do is to ask permit from the barangay of mayana

  4. Hi
    The summit that you went is not the highest peak. It is one of the mountain ranges but it is not the highest point.

  5. We went there last Saturday ( Nov. 26, 2016). We were surprised because the hill with the towers on it is not the highest peak. We still need to trek and climb another hill to reach the peak of Mt Mayana. The trail is nice; you'll be in the forest then an open field then climb a rocky hill to get to the summit, the view at the peak is beautiful.

    I would suggest the you go to barangay hall and ask for a guide. The guide could take you to the century tree too, they said its the 2nd oldest tree in the country.

    You guys should go back!!

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